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Deborah Evans recommends Childrens pleasure park.

· 3 September at 20:19 ·

Lovely vintage rides for little ones. 75p per token per ride per little one or pay £10 for 16 tokens (which is the best value for money). They are old rides so pretty basic but for the age of them and what little ones want, it is the ideal place to spend a couple of hours. Bottled water is 50p, fizzy cans are £1 and ice lollies are around £1 each too. Such an inexpensive treat for the kiddies. Not for older kids though or parents to go on, although I did accompany my little one on the slide and train
Friendly chatty chaps who run the place and a lovely chilled out atmosphere. It's a little gem of a place at the end of the Sports Centre field. Go have a pootle along one day especially if you have children under 5


Vickie Langdown recommends Childrens pleasure park.

· 2 September at 12:33 ·

Highly recommend this park for kids. Took my 3 year old daughter yesterday & she loved it (apart from the swinging chairs). Friendly staff & very reasonable prices. We will definitely be visiting again.


Charlotte Rooney reviewed Childrens pleasure park – 5 star

· 5 August ·

I came here with my sister and daughter the other week and we had a great time!

Staff are absolutely lovely and go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Park is brilliant - such a friendly atmosphere and there’s a real feel of nostalgia with all the old school rides and decorations.

Price is really reasonable too and for the most of the rides one token (which costs about 75p) doesn’t equal just one go on something - the slides you can go down multiple times, the train we...nt round the circuit about 5 times for us and the seated chair ride was running for a good length of time too.

We all had a lovely day and will definitely be returning soon 


Tracy-Kenny O'Neill recommends Childrens pleasure park.

· 2 September at 14:20 ·

Hidden treasure at Southampton Sports Centre. Very nostalgic visit as hasn’t changed much since my own childhood. Reasonably priced and very pleasantly surprised with lovely coffee from vending machine . Definitely worth a visit.


Karen Stringer reviewed Childrens pleasure park – 5 star

· 26 July ·

Had a lovely visit to the fun park, my 2 kids absolutely love it and the people are so friendly and it's nice to go somewhere that doesn't cost a bomb (spent £6 and kids when on your rides each). Yes it may be a bit weathered but the kids don't care they just see the fun they can have. I had many a fun day here as a child and love that my children love it as much.


Briony Tanner recommends Childrens pleasure park.

· 8 September at 17:38 ·

A complete walk back into my childhood. The park is much loved by its family and my 6 year old daughter had the best time here. Thanks x


Hayley Tiller recommends Childrens pleasure park.

· 31 August at 21:16 ·

We came here this afternoon for a few hours and had a brilliant time. The people running the park were amazing with our boys. The park is very vintage but well kept and excellent value for money - 75p a ride or we took advantage of the 16 tokens for £10. Thank you for a brilliant visit and we will definately be back again soon.


Ang Jones recommends Childrens pleasure park.

· 22 August ·

Absolutely amazing time spent at the park today. My 2 year old loved it. I cannot believe I thought this place had closed, bought back do many memories of my childhood spent there. Definitely coming back soon. This place is retro, very reasonably priced and a part of Southampton heritage, get up there!


Lee Byles reviewed Childrens pleasure park – 5 star

· 4 August ·

Went here when I was a kid had many a good times here and now take my nephews and will take my kids when I have some great cheap, fun place to go local to Southampton with rides, slides, little trains etc friendly staff running it and in a nice location at the sports centre recommended for anyone stuck what to do for a day out with their kids


Mary Butler recommends Childrens pleasure park.

· 21 August ·

We had a great time this afternoon, my 3year old grandson thought the slide was AMAZING.
Great place for young children to come and enjoy , very reasonable price. Loved it.
Thank you we will be back


Michelle Aldworth reviewed Childrens pleasure park – 5 star

· 31 March ·

I used to come here when I was a young with my family.. when the boat lake was there we used to have picnic spend the day here in the open padding pool great times .used to take my son here when he was a younger he's now 19yrs old.. I take my girls here now they love going every summer..


Chelsea Richardson recommends Childrens pleasure park.

· 6 August ·

Like stepping back in time, my children love it there! Friendly staff and very reasonable prices

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